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Message from the principal

Dear prospective students and parents!
From its commencement in 2062, in a very short span of time, Scholars' Home Academy has established itself as one of the most successful and credible educational institutions of its kind in the community with its motto "Empowerment Through Catalytic Education". The success of Scholars' as an acknowledged institution for the all-round development of a child is evidenced in its outstanding results in both academic as well as in ECA activities through years since its establishment. In fact we have a balanced approach in both academic as well as extra activities in order to help students to be mentally alert physically sound and spiritually good with the sense of service for better tomorrow. I can say with complete confidence that Scholars' Home Academy presents one of the best contemporary school education in the country as it is a community of learners, striving to educate the mind, nurture the spirit and foster the development of the whole individual.

Scholars' Home Academy's dedicated, talented ,and highly experienced faculty support the school's mission as they continue to seek educational growth for themselves. They bring new and innovative ideas into the classrooms. The thirst for knowledge and love for learning thrive at Scholars' in both students and teachers.

Therefore, parents if you believe, the 21st century challenge for survival and adjustment will be definitely based on genuine capabilities and profound knowledge. If you wish your children to go beyond success, and you dream to see them among the very best to fit themselves in the challenging world of tomorrow, then Scholars' Home Academy might be the best place just for your children. I heartily welcome you to visit Scholars' Home Academy with your child and explore the educational facilities that we have and the environment we provide to help your child grow intellectually the best to lead the nation tomorrow.

Thank you.


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