Life At SHA

Life At SHA

Opportunities for learning, growing and achieving exist everywhere at scholars' Home Academy. Life at Scholars' is a blend of academic, extra-curricular, co-curricular and leisure activities. Different club activities at Scholars' give students opportunities to pursue hobbies of their interest. In addition, activities such as cultural programmes, excursions, educational exhibitions, UCMAS,vedic maths and supermind techniques, origami, first aid, picnics, festivals, national celebrations, internatioal exchange, social service camps, scouting and scouting camps, inter-house activities, academic based and sport based extra-curricular activities, project based activities, singing, dancing, music and performing dramas, etc. make life at Scholars' really colorful. The overall activities at Scholars' are not merely sources of recreation but also inculcate values in students and add for the holistic and overall development of the children.

A complete educational package at Scholars' aims to prepare students for their better tomorrow through practical education in labs and library, behavioral education through working, sharing and interacting with peer groups, value education learning through imitating and stamping in the socially recognized high quality behaviors from the seniors, socializing and adopting diversified culture giving equal values to quality friends from different culture and ethnic groups.

Feel at home with us at Scholars' Home Academy being the part of vast pool of talent, opportunity to success and leadership for the future.

You are most welcome.
We have boarding, day schooling, day boarding and transportation facilities.

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School event calender has not been upddated for a long time. Please contact the administration.

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